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“Music is created out of the chaos of random notes. PRICEPhysics™ creates order out of the random chaos of the markets.”

MES Intraday Nov 8 2022

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What is PRICEPhysics?

Scientifically, PRICEPhysics™ is the only trading tool built using only natural price data. First. PRICEPhysics™ only uses Constant Volume Bars to build the charting which we invented and perfected.  PRICEPhysics™ completely eliminates the need for a volume indicator or volume profile when trading time, tick, range or other inconsistent chart types. PRICEPhysics™ needs no outside calculations requiring interpretation based on voodoo math. Every label on the chart is taken from the pure flow of price on your choice of speed of chart; Scalp, Fast Intraday, Slow Intraday, Swing or Position trading or investing. Just like the volume control on your radio or phone. . . you are in complete control!


  • Used for manual trading, hedging, option positioning or position trading.

  • The absolute BEST chart for reading price flow and price frequency on the planet!

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