Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PRICEPhysics™ GUI?

The PRICEPhysics™ GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a learning tool created to help everyday traders better understand the natural flow and movement of price on nearly all tradeable instruments but actually allows you to SEE natural price flow. No Guru needed. The PRICEPhysics™ GUI provides a real-time overlay that can be applied to various trading instruments to help traders visually see natural momentum, pure support/resistance points, and visually clear failures of those support/resistance points. NO INDICATORS NEEDED. All labeled points on the chart, background (direction) color changes and bar attributes are ALL taken from the bars themselves and confirmed within a single bar OR FASTER.

Natural price flow is easy to ready. You can prove it for yourself and they don’t want you to do that.

How does it work?

I invented Constant Volume Bar charting. This is a charting environment “nearly” void of chaos. Each bar is made up of a user-defined number of contracts traded per bar. The marriage of price and volume is perfectly balanced one bar at a time. The slower you want to go, the larger the size of the contract bars. In this environment, many typical trading idiosyncrasies disappear and those others like consolidation become clear so you can avoid it or at least smack it into submission.

And you can tame this typically chaotic environment even more because now you are in complete control of the speed you want to trade as well. Just like a radio dial, pick your frequency. Do you know how much power that gives you over your trading world? Think about it.

So the PRICEPhysics™ GUI is a combination of a simple and clear Graphics User Interface displaying; natural support, natural resistance, matching support & resistance, and most importantly, where each directional change on YOUR chart confirms it’s going UP or DOWN. Then on a bar-by-bar process, we show you specific bars signaling price is starting to pivot direction. The charting environment is the purest way to ready price flow on the planet. No voodoo science, no stacking multiple indicators into a spaghetti bowl of confusion. No more trying to coordinate volume profile to a time chart you would prefer throwing out the window.

What are the benefits of trading with the PRICEPhysics™ GUI?

  1. No lagging indicators.
  2. You don’t have to learn from a guru . . . you teach yourself because it is simple, logical, and pure common sense.
    1. All entries are logical and confirm, bar-by-bar.
    2. All exits are logical and confirm, bar-by-bar
    3. All stops are precise and immediate.
    4. Well OK, simple as long as that doesn’t scare you.
  3. You are in complete control of your trading chart. Trade whatever speed you want. You are in the driver’s seat; granny gear to Speed Racer.

What platforms does this work with?

PRICEPhysics™ GUI is currently only available through NinjaTrader. The PRICEPhysics™ GUI will soon be released on various platforms so be sure to subscribe to our email mailing list for future updates.

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How do I use the PRICEPhysics™ GUI to trade?

We offer many instructional videos, an eBook, lots of documentation and direct access to the development team to answer your questions. Remember, this really is simple to understand but we will still be here for you.

How do I make the most out of my PRICEPhysics™ GUI subscription?

Use the PRICEPhysics GUI! I’ve spent 30 years bringing you the best tool on the planet to teach yourself how to make significant moves each day in the market.

I lost my download for the PRICEPhysics GUI, how do I download another?

To download the PRICEPhysics GUI again, visit and select “My Account” in the “Shop” tab. Once you are logged in, you can select “Downloads” from the left list.

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I’m a visual learner, are there any instructional videos?

Yes! Once you are subscribed to the PRICEPhysics GUI, you will then have access to subscriber-only instructional videos. There are also articles with pictures in the subscriber-only section explaining how to use the PRICEPhysics GUI. Be sure to also check out the PRICEPhysics YouTube channel to see trade breakdowns by Bill.